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About Us

Here with some more information about our company

Our one director, Pierre de Kock, has been in the realty industry for more or less 10 years with extensive experience in marketing and selling.

On the other hand our other director and principal, Brendan Behr, is an admitted attorney with 6 years conveyancing experience and a registered Debt Counsellor.

Our sales team consist of 19 sales and listing agents (Residential, Rental and Commercial) who is headed by Brendan Behr as principal and Pierre de Kock as office manager.

Our sales team consist of 17 sales and listing agents (Residential and Commercial/Industrial) who is headed by Brendan Behr as principal and Pierre de Kock as office manager.

Together with our excellent team of agents and administrative staff we can assure you of the best service and constant feedback throughout the entire sale process.

We make use of the following search engines to market the property:

  • Private Property
  • Property24
  • IOL
  • BST Properties website
  • We also make use of other social media such as Facebook and Twitter to assist with the marketing.

Why should you consider an exclusive mandate with BST:

  • Your property is listed as a featured listing on all the marketing platforms
  • We arrange a HD video virtual tour through Private Property increasing the properties’ exposure
  • We are mandated with FNB to have a Property Leader Valuation done by an FNB Representative at BST’s expense ensuring that the property is marketed at bank valuation price
  • We pay the issuing of an Electrical Certificate of Compliance certificate (any repairs required for the owner’s expense
  • The property is placed on show on as many occasions as possible
  • Property is sent to an extensive database of existing clients
  • Listing is open to all BST agents to work on

Our commercial/industrial team consists of Adriaan Van der Linde, agent, Brendan Behr, agent and also principal and an admitted attorney. All are well equipped with knowledge and expertise to manage commercial rentals and sales and assist with any queries.

Our commercial services include the following:

  • Advertising the properties
  • Screening of tenants via Credit Checks and affordability assessments (if required)
  • Collection of initial deposits (if required)
  • Placing of tenants